Braun Piccolo
Scale DE Patent Nr. 3 502 842 & US Patent No. 4 714 000

The Braun piccolo has been on the market since 1985. This instrument is used by a large number of leading soloists and orchestral flautists, and is currently considered one of the best piccolos in the world.

Entirely new calculations led to a particularly well-tuned instrument with only one C tone hole for the thumb key ("Briccialdi" thumb key). This construction, which gets very close to the acoustic conditions for the concert flute, is unique for piccolos and makes the high G# facilitator no longer necessary.

Sound sample: Braun  Piccolo Solo

J.S.Bach Partita for Piccolo
Lloyd Hudson

Australian National University
Canberra School of Music
Lloyd Hudson/Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

10:03 min.

Small flute / piccolo flute down to low C : has been on the market since october 2010.
Scale protected by Patents: US 8 389 840 B2, DE 10 2011 010 124 & DGM 20 2010 016 134.7

Sound sample: "small flute" in the Symphony Orchestra
Dmitri Schostakowitsch Symphonie Nr.8
c-Moll op.65
Berliner Philharmoniker, Andris Nelsons
1:43 min. aus 2.Satz Allegretto
Gustav Mahler Symphonie Nr.2 c-Moll

Berliner Philharmoniker, Sir Simon Rattle
1:31 min. aus 5.Satz Im Tempo des Scherzo

Sound samples: "small flute" Solo and with piano

• Three Excerpts from the CD "BROKEN BRANCHES"


• More sound examples can be found on the website of

   Vlad A.Colar Soloflute with the Banatul Philharmonie Orchestra 


Sound samplesfor mobile devices

The chief characteristics of Braun piccolos are:

  • excellent intonation and an even sound throughout the three registers
  • big, focused sound, especially in the low and middle registers
  • easier response, especially in the difficult third octave
  • In addition, the Braun C-foot Piccolo has, compared to the Braun D-foot Piccolo, a better tonal balance in all three registers.

The main characteristics of the piccolos down to low C , compared to the traditional Piccolos, are:

  • Greater tonal volume and therefore also a more pleasant sound, especially in the third octave.
  • The tonal balance in all three registers is much better.
  • Easier response/articulation, especially in the third octave.
  • Much more special grips of the big flute are possible to use.


Grenadilla/African blackwood head and body:
  • headjoint with "A.Braun" modified-wave embouchure which is smooth where the lips touch
  • 925 sterling-silver mechanism
  • with split E mechanism (without split E mechanism is not made!)
  • fitted with "A. Braun" silicon piccolo pads


Headjoint with modified-wave embouchure.

The basis for the exceptional quality of Braun wooden flutes and piccolos is the selection of high-grade woods.Thus only carefully-selected, well-seasoned, extremely close-grained and attractive black African grenadilla/African blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon) with excellent tonal qualities is used.

A. Braun pads for piccolo

(DGM 296 05 677.4 / Patent pending)
These pads are made of a material insensitive to moisture and with a coating on the side facing the tone hole. The coating consists of silicon rubber, which has a microstructured surface. This structure is similar to the surface qualities of the wooden bore, thus ensuring the deadening of undesirable high frequencies.

The new construction of the pad creates:

  • a quick, powerful, clear response
  • a particularly well-structured and beautiful sound
  • a very pleasant feel
  • reliability of the padding as a result of the insensitivity to moisture and stable shape of the silicon-rubber layer
  • long period of usage without adjustment

Special models, such as instruments with gold-plated mechanism ,  open G-sharp key or other customised features can be planned and manufactured.

Piccolo with open G-sharp

Piccolo with open G-sharp and with inverted B-Bb thumb lever

Flutes and piccolos can be supplied with scales at the following pitches: a' = 440 Hz or 442 Hz or 444 Hz

The basic pitch facilitates unproblematic playing within a ± 2Hz range, according to personal playing style.


Within a year of purchase, the instrument supplied will upon request be customised to suit the individual's personal playing style. Leather case with a padded cover.


The instrument is supplied in a high-quality velvet-lined black leather case with a padded leather cover. A cleaning rod made of 925 sterling silver and a silk cleaning cloth are supplied.

Leather cover exclusiv from PICARD®
Made in Germany

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