Braun wooden flute
This modern, thin-walled wooden flute, which has been on the market since 1993, is as light as a solid-silver flute. The instrument combines the beautifully warm, refined sound of the wooden flute with the bright, brilliant sound of the metal flute.

This is partly the result of the patented wooden headjoint with its inset gold chimney/riser. The complete chimney/riser-wall is gold.
Headjoint German Pat. No. 4336 496
The characteristics of the BRAUN wooden flute in comparison with those of the metal flute are:

  • better carrying power and expansion of the sound
  • large, warm tone, especially in the third octave
  • immediate reactivity of air-column, resulting in excellent tonal response, articulation and dynamic range
  • marked stability of intonation and sound in p and f
  • the more flexible response improves legato playing
  • wider range of timbres in all registers
  • better blend with other instruments, especially in woodwind groupings

Sound samples

The basis for the exceptional quality of Braun wooden flutes and piccolos is the selection of high-grade woods. Thus only carefully-selected, well-seasoned, extremely close-grained and attractive black African grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon) with excellent tonal qualities is used.

The following models are available:

Wooden flute in three sections:

Headjoint with hand-carved raised embouchure plate and inset gold chimney/riser, thin-walled body

  • with C-foot or B-foot
  • inline or offset G
  • 925 sterling-silver mechanism with French pointed arms
  • with or without E-mechanism
  • open or closed holes
  • fitted with traditional pads
  • key-tail/kicker buffers to prevent percussive noise are made of stable-shaped synthetic material, so they do not become hard and loud in the course of time,as for example is the case with felt or cork.
Wooden flute with C-foot in two sections:

Headjoint with hand-carved raised embouchure plate and inset gold chimney/riser, thin-walled body and footjoint in one.
This construction facilitates even vibration of the entire tube as well as promoting evenness of sound between registers.

Remaining features as for the model in three sections.

Special models, such as instruments with open G-sharp key, gold-plated mechanism or other customised features can be planned and manufactured.


Flutes and piccolos can be supplied with scales at the following pitches: a' = 440 Hz or 442 Hz or 444 Hz

The basic pitch facilitates unproblematic playing within a ± 2 Hz range, according to personal playing style.


Within a year of purchase, the instrument supplied will upon request be customised to suit the individual's personal playing style.

The instrument is supplied in a high-quality leather
case with padded cover, cleaning rod and cloth.
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