"Tradition is the passing of the fire and not the worship of ashes"
Gustav Mahler
Anton Braun
Instrument maker
since 1896
The workshop was founded by Anton Braun senior (1877-1927) in 1896 in the Austro-Hungarian city of Temesvár / Temeswar.

He had learnt violin-making from his father and his older brother (Johannes) in the workshop founded by C.W.Richter in 1867 in Szeged /Austria-Hungaria.

Anton Braun Senior hand-crafted various instruments. When he died in 1928 his son Anton Michael Braun (1911-1978) took over the business, later (since 1958) specialising exclusively in saxophone-making.

In 1973 he retired and passed on the management of the business to his son
Johannes Braun
Anton Braun's business in
Temeschburg / Temesvar
Company founder A.Braun
with his son B.Braun in
His son A.M.Braun 1926
took over the business in
Anton Johannes Braun, (1941- ) a woodwind- instrument maker and graduate in mechanical engineering.

In 1977 Anton J. Braun moved to Germany, where he began to build up the present-day workshop for flutes and piccolos.

1985: With 28 years' professional experience of instrument- making and three years' experience of technical research behind him, he developed his patented piccolo incollaboration with the flautists Michael Hasel (member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet Berlin).

A.M.Braun & A.J.Braun
1993 he developed his modern wooden flute in collaboration with Rolf Bissinger (member of the Frankfurt City Opera) and Michael Hasel.
2010 he developed in this collaboration his patent pending C-foot Piccoloflute.

Michael Hasel & Rolf Bissinger
Antonia Eva Simon (born Braun) has been working in her father's business since 1998. She gradually assimilated the family expertise, which has been passed on from generation to generation and constantly developed, thus ensuring the continuation and high quality of the company in the 5th generation.

Following musical training in piano, flute and voice, and successful graduation as a Maker of Woodwind Instruments from the "Fachschule für Musikinstrumentenbau" (College of Instrument-Making) Ludwigsburg, she is working in the family company since 2001.
A.J.Braun und A.E.Braun 2001
A.E.Braun & A.J.Braun
All Braun flutes and piccolos are individually handcrafted by Anton Braun and
his daughter Antonia Simon.
The workshop A. Braun left of the residential house in
Egelsbach, In den Obergärten 22

Family Tree
"Where the violin has such an important part, you may assume, that there are not only artists who know to play this delicate instrument, but also such who know to build it."
Dr.Gunther Joppig M.A. / Curator of the Musical Instrument Departament at the Munich City Museum
 (from Foreword Peter Benedek "Violin Makers of Hungary"
Anton (Antal) Braun
 Violin maker
( 1832 - 1904 )

Szeged and Beograd "Royal Serbian Hofinstrumentebauer"
 Anton Braun (Senior)
 Violin maker
( 1877 - 1927 )

Temesvár / Austro-Hungary
Company founder in Temesvár 1896
 Michael (Mihály) Braun
 Violin maker
( 1870 - 1942 )
Kolozsvár / Austro-Hungary
Silver Medal of Honour
Silver Medal of Honour
Johannes (János) Braun
 Violin maker
( 1860 - 1922 )
Szeged / Austro-Hungary
Medals of trade exhibitions
 Anton Michael Braun
 Woodwind instrument maker
( 1911 - 1978 )
Timisoara (Temesvár) / Romania
 Johannes Bruno Braun
 Violin maker
( 1905 - 1968 )
Timisoara / Romania
Anton Johannes Braun

 Woodwind instrument maker
 und Dipl.-Ing. Univ.
(* 1941 )
Egelsbach / Germany

Peter Benedek "Violin Makers of Hungary"
Documentation of the instruments of the
worlds most famous and important Hungarian
violin makers exhibited in 1995 in the
Münchener Staatsmuseum.
ISBN-13 : ‏ 978-3981719123

Lyndesay G.Langwill "AN INDEX OF MUSICAL WIND-INSTRUMENT MAKERS" Fifth Edition 1977

10 Édition 1928
 Antonia Eva Simon
born Braun
 Woodwind instrument maker
(* 1980 )
Egelsbach / Germany

A.M.Braun  ts.& cl.- 1935

A.J.Braun  as.& cl.- 1964
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